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Why DeFi’s PoolTogether Should Be Considered for Pooling Support.

Ethereum Based PoolTogether is fundraising for a legal representative after a $10 million lawsuit was filed against them. They are asking people to buy their NFTs so that they can have enough funds to take the lawsuit to court.

Joe Kent a former staffer of Elizabeth Warren, an anti-crypto fanatic sued PoolTogether for violating New York gambling laws. According to the complaint, the PoolTogether crypto space is essentially an unauthorized lottery scheme.

PoolTogether is a no-loss lottery system that allows people to pool in their crypto together. Although the chances of winning something are small, there is no loss on your part.

Kent a software engineer by profession has deposited his own $10 in the protocol before filing the suit for illegal gambling activities. Only ticket holders in New York can file a class-action lawsuit against the lottery.

PoolTogether’s lawyers have clearly stated that it is not a lottery but much closer to a premium bond. Such a lawsuit can have far-reaching effects on the world of crypto. PoolTogether has been fiercely defending its business model and as of now creating a campaign to spread awareness about it too. This also brings up the question of whether when something is on the blockchain the software developers can control it or not.

With Decentralization, the main focus of the new DeFi trends like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the verdict, in this case, can set a precedent for the future. Kent also filed the application for the environmental impact of crypto and how it can fuel climate change.

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