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Why Huobi Trust’s custody strategy is built on compliance, transparency, and safety


There are some challenges to the cryptocurrency landscape. Financial services all over the world are heavily regulated and every region has their guidelines and standards for compliance. In the past few years, a lot of companies like Binance and Bittrex have had their license revoked as they didn’t meet the compliance requirements. This is why a lot of institutional investors hire custody service providers to ensure that they are trading and investing crypto in an environment that is compliant with the regulations. One of such custody service providers is the Huobi Trust Hong Kong that is supported and backed by the Huobi Technology Holdings Limited. It offers asset custody, family trust services, private customization, wealth management, and other such services.

Huobi Trust is a registered trust company in Hong Kong and one of the top crypto asset trust service providers in the world. They believe that an important aspect of crypto custody is earning the trust of the owners. Without an independent third party like themselves, institutional investors will have difficulty in evaluating whether the options are in their best interests or not. Huobi Trust Hong Kong is licensed and compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Finance Ordinance’s requirements. They have the Trust and Company Service Provider (TCSP) license as well.

Huobi Trust Hong Kong also focuses on protecting their client assets and preventing cyber threats through their risk control framework and in-house security infrastructure. Crypto regulations are continuously evolving. It is important that institutional investors, with the help of their custody providers, prioritize their asset’s security and adhere to the regulations.

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