Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Why is talent leaving Big Tech for crypto and web3 projects?

An exodus of talent has begun at tech giants like Amazon and Google to start working in the exciting new world of crypto and Web3. Circle and Polygon, two of the many blockchain platforms have managed to lure top talent from many big tech companies. The lure was the opportunity to work on the “next and newest big thing” – Web3.

The reason Web3 is so interesting and critical to technology is that it proposes the overhaul of the internet. The overhaul will result in most online services moving over to decentralized platforms and technologies like the blockchain. HR experts say that tech talent is being lured over to crypto with great pay packages and growth opportunities.

YouTube’s Ryan Wyatt quit and is now the head of a gaming studio at Polygon. He was instrumental in pushing video game content to becoming more competitive against Amazon. To him, this new opportunity with Polygon is a great way to create something new. He looks forward to being a part of the early development in blockchain technology.

Other people who have quit their jobs to join the crypto world include Sherice Torres, ex-Facebook CMO. Amazon’s Pravjit Tiwana is now part of Gemini as its CTO. People want to work in areas that are not just exciting but also creating a brand-new space. Right now it is Web3 and crypto. The future is here in the form of technology, just like Amazon a few years ago. Even software engineers with a few years of experience can earn up to $900,000 a year. This kind of compensation is hard to pass up for many. Tech giants are going to find a way to retain talent they worked so hard to foster.

Cryptured Team
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