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Why Meta Penguin Island Should Be Your Favorite Winter NFT Hunting Spot.

Revolution is taking place in financial markets and elsewhere thanks to blockchain. Even with the blockchain and crypto sphere, NFTs are changing the way digital space is accessed by investors, consumers, and artists. If you are a digital artwork collector, this news will be of great interest.

One of the most anticipated collections, Meta Penguin Island will be made available soon. Created by Maurice Baltissen and Thomas Loopstra of the Dutch Studio Mitsi, this art is high quality. What is it and what can collectors and investors look forward to?

All about Meta Penguin Island

This is a NFT project what is community driven by interactive and highly passionate people. The collection consists of 8888 penguins which are unique and rare too. These are available in very high resolution – 4K – and have highly detailed elements.

The reason these penguins are so sought after is because of Thomas Loopstra. He is a wizard in creating lifelike characters and a realistic environment. Maurice Baltissen uses his 3D skills to deliver the best animation and detailed illustration. These two have the best 3D NFT portfolio on the market.

The current build-up to the project’s realize includes some stunning trailers which can be found on many social media sites. More releases can be expected before the NFT is open to the public. Buyers can do anything they wish with the penguin. Models can be printed out or entered into other NFT metaverses. Buyers also have exclusive IPR (intellectual property rights) to their purchased penguins.

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