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Why tare the crypto criminals walking free?

Police officers that are specialists, within the UK, have had to seek the help of lawyers specializing in financial fraud. They needed help when it comes to getting justice for people affected by crypto related fraud on the small scale.

The CPS, also known as the Criminal Prosecution Services does not have ample resources. That is why only cases where they feel that there is strong chance of success, is what they will prosecute. This was revealed by Vanessa Whitman. She us a lawyer working in financial dispute. She also specializes in crypto, and works in the law firm CMS, which is international.

The UK police have skills needed to find people involved in criminal activity in the crypto world. However, they are facing problems when it comes to getting convictions. This is due to an issue related with resourcing.

Catching Crypto Criminals in the UK

There are a lot of complaints that the UK police are needing to field. This is due to two crypto schemes from South Africa. Due to these schemes, investors found themselves losing up to billions in the form of rands. This was after they were promised returns that were outlandish.

The focus of law enforcement is on the crypto scams that are big-ticket. Due to this, smaller scale thefts in the crypto world are unnoticed. So the victims either don’t receive justice, or even compensation. Since amounts like 1000 pounds don’t make the paper, such criminals find it easier to get away with their crimes.

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