Sunday, December 3, 2023

Will McDonald’s Accept Dogecoin As Payment?

After finding acceptance in Tesla and SpaceX, Dogecoin has set its hopes on the world’s most loved fast-food chain McDonald’s. And social media platforms are abuzz that McDonald’s will re-evaluate its customers’ payment experience.

The founder of dogecoin, Bill Markus had taken to a Twitter post to engage McDonald’s. And he got a positive response from the Chicago-headquartered chain. What set the buzz is “a picture of Doge holding a french fry in his mouth”.

Moreover, dogecoin enthusiasts had taken to a petition to entice McDonald’s. the petition proposed that dogecoin can make life easier and transactions faster. And most importantly, it will help McDonald’s become the first public restaurant to accept any cryptocurrency.

The petition the trend will bring more business opportunities and worldwide adoption. This will change the world. And signed off that “Happy money Can Buy a Happy Meal”. It also stated that dogecoin is a perfect match for the happiest restaurant in the world.

McDonald’s is not new to the crypto world. It has taken a liking to non-fungible tokens and launched its first collection on the 40th anniversary of McRib. The fast-food giant had introduced the MacCoin in 2018 following 2017’s crypto frenzy. This gold the rumor mill on override that the company had officially stepped into crypto. But it just turned out to be a “gimmick coupon”.

Crypto enthusiasts are waiting to see whether the picture of doge with a french fry in its mouth will really drive up the crypto market. Meanwhile, a ghost kitchen in Los Angeles, California has been cashing in on dogecoin with its Doge Chicken Sandwich, Doge Fries and Doge Chicken. In 2021, the company was looking at selling its Moon Sauce online with dogecoin being the only form of payment.

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