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With a metaverse experience, this startup is gamifying bitcoin trading.

The crypto market is a hard place to get entry into for several reasons. The reasons are that it is unpredictable, volatile, no proper regulations and open 24/7 for all kinds of activities. Anyone new to this market can get overwhelmed and fall prey to scams. It is possible to learn more about how this market functions and start trading once a user has gained some knowledge.

One startup plans to fix this problem by creating a safe and new space for amateurs. The company, Ninja Fantasy Trader is setting up to help people learn more about crypto and how to navigate safely. As the first company to offer a financially focused way to play and earn NFTs in metaverse games, Ninja Fantasy is blazing new trails. The company’s name and goal indicate that it is tied to the financial world in reality and takes information from stocks, crypto and forex markets. It uses gleaned data to economies within its games.

The interesting part is that players can convert their portfolios within any game and cash out to get real crypto. This is offered in the form of a token (NTC) on a Binance Smart Chain and an asset powered by ETH. Players compete with each other in tournaments and stake any assets they have. They take part in a trading session which is live, and the most profitable trader earns money from a prize pool organized by the tournament. The higher the number of participants, the larger the pool.

This is a fun way to learn all about crypto and how trading is done. The company’s developers have a presale event on March 18th. It is a good idea to sign up and learn more about the company’s offerings.

Cryptured Team
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