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With Game Show-Inspired Spots, the SEC Goes After Crypto Investing.

With the rise and fall, and possibly the return of the crypto giant, Bitcoin, to the cryptocurrency stage, the law is taking no chances with the craze for cryptocurrency. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the USA, the authority that places regulations on financial and investment markets, has recently released videos to warn investors about cryptocurrency. According to the SEC, the investment in cryptocurrency is clubbed with risky instruments, and while investing, investors must make informed choices, not casual speculative decisions.

Mock Videos

The SEC has made a series of mock videos that are supposed to inform the viewer (and investor) that “investing is not a game”. Since any investment in cryptocurrency is a form of a decentralized finance undertaking, the SEC aims to educate investors by making comparisons of investments with choices made in a game show. The videos are quite engaging and seem to be effective in their approach. For instance, in one video, the actor who plays the game show host invites game contestants of a game called “Investomania” to select from a range of investments. The possible choices include a square that has the label, “Crypto to the Moon”, mixed in with others like “Stock Hints from your Uncle”.

The Answer to Curb Casual Investment

These days, the publicity surrounding encouragement to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, etc., has overtaken mainstream media. The SEC hopes to counter this with its play-acting videos. The short films are not only played regularly in popular television time slots, but seek to draw investors’ attention during major events like the US Super Bowl.

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