Wednesday, May 29, 2024

With the release of Queens, the Kusama Kingdom is growing.

The Kusama Kingdom where many popular Kings live is adding a group of Queens. The developer of Kusama King NFTs, RD Studios will launch 110 Queens to complement the Kings when in the kingdom’s Great Hall. These new Queen additions will make the NFTs more useful for the owner community.

The popularity of these Kings skyrocketed in the last few months. The canary chain of Polkadot, Kusama’s popularity has increased since its launch last fall. The quirky Kings boast many characteristics. They have become popular among a large number of people who now own these NFTs.

KBL, one of the duo who created Kusama Kings, informed that the response to these NFTs has been beyond expectation and the Kings have gained wide popularity. The project launched simply for fun has transformed into something bigger, better and serious. The Kings now have the utility that their owners could not get from other NFTs.

RD Studios celebrated Kusama Kingdom’s success by launching 110 Queens. The Great Hall will see these Queens accompany the Kings. According to the developer, The Hall has more space to grow. The community will strengthen as more people become a part of it.

The King owners community numbering 110 is expected to double in the next few months after Queens are added. However, the increase will be only for a short term. RD Studios informed it plans to close the Hall after launching the Queens. No additional connections will be accessible after that. The Queens will have similar rarity structure that Kings have. They will have the same privilege as available to the Kings.

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