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With the successful launch of node 1.35.0, is ADA prepared for a bull marathon?


ADA (Cardano), one of the top digital asset projects, has suffered growth impairment in the recent bearish market trend. According to IOHK (Input Output Honk Kong), this phase is a milestone in Cardano’s development. IOHK is the company which made the Blockchain Cardano runs on.

Special Announcement by IOHK

As per IOHK sources, the company has successfully rolled node 1.35.0 out. This development comes before the hyped upgrade of the Vasil Mainnet. The upgraded Vasil Mainnet will be a boon for Cardano. It will bolster the digital asset platform’s performance and capacity. With the new node 1.35.0, the Vasil Mainnet will find some much beneficial support.

IOHK also confirmed that the tests on core software aspects have generated favorable results. The emphasis of their endeavors, according to IOHK, remains on the security of their ecosystem partners and investors.

How are Investors affected by this Announcement

In the past four days, Cardano’s digital asset ADA is experiencing a bullish trajectory on the charts. IOHK called the launch of 1.35.0 a major milestone. However, at the time of writing no significant impact was noticeable on the market.

ADA was trading at the $0.51 price level at the time of writing. This comes after a week rally of 16 per cent. If anything, ADA’s bullish performance indicates there is not much pressure to sell. As a result, there is no reason to push the price under the recent support price.

The funding rate of Binance has risen, thanks to growing investor confidence.

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