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With XinFin’s Smart Contract, a Decentralized Oracle Plugin provides a method.


Blockchain technology is not only used for the trade-in of several bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, but it has its roots in several other types of tech-related frameworks. Blockchain technology also holds the capacity to enhance the intelligent contract-based blockchain technology framework, for example, XinFin. There is a vast gap that exists between external data and blockchain applications. The various successful oracles living in the digital world help lessen the gap between external data and blockchain applications. Plugin, a decentralized oracle platform, has started to offer cheaper yet efficient solutions for smart contracts on blockchain platform Xinfin.

The process of intelligent contract formation by Xinfin

The platform gathers information by analyzing different sources that are external in nature. Blockchain technology then ensures that the whole external data being collected is consolidated. Also, that it is offered to the users in the same quality at any given point of time, i.e., whenever asked. Maintaining the level of efficiency is the most challenging part of this blockchain technology because the users’ trust might vanish in case the platform is not efficient enough.

The base of Plugin Ecosystem

The whole ecosystem of the Plugin is based on PLI, a token created by the XinFin blockchain platform’s XRC 20 standard aimed at reducing GAS fees. This ecosystem structure was also aimed at providing the feasibility and transaction period to many Apps to reach the oracle on a global scale. Therefore, the Plugin platform is aimed at increasing scalability along with the security for the users.

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