Tuesday, February 27, 2024

WordPress accommodates plugin for crypto enthusiasts.

WordPress has come up with an open-source plugin DePay Donations for its crypto enthusiastic users. The plugin, free to download, allows websites to accept P2P donations in crypto. It offers decentralized conversion of incoming cryptocurrency donations into tokens that the receiver wants.

The plugin allows content creators and publishers to accept middleman-free. As such, the crypto donations they receive will be financial-censorship-resistant donations. Moreover, web portal owners keen on crypto can install the Web3 donation plugin from the official WordPress plugin directory with just a few clicks.

Sebastian Pape, the founder at DePay, highlighted that WordPress has shaped the internet for almost 20-years now. The open-source plugin is excited to partner up with WordPress to enable people to run their WordPress installation to accept Web3 donations. Pape says it’s as simple as installing a plugin.

WordPress publishers have two options for accepting crypto donations. They can either use a centralized crypto payment gateway whereby users have to trust intermediaries who take the donations on the user’s behalf. There is the second option wherein publishers have to provide wallet addresses. However, this can be a little time-consuming as users have to see different wallets. They also have to convert the tokens to hedge against volatility.

Through DePay Donations, users get an alternative new paradigm enabled by decentralized finance. The plugin maximizes decentralization, token acceptance, and interoperability. It also minimizes the administrative burden on the donation recipient.

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