Sunday, December 10, 2023

World First: Leonardo Da Vinci work being sold as 670-million-pixel hologram NFT

The Holoverse is releasing a first-of-its-kind holographic NFT of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece La Bella Principessa. This work will be auctioned on April 21 with a starting bid of $100,000. Old Master artworks is now viewable through groundbreaking technology.

Andrea Prince, co-founder, and CEO of The Holoverse, believes it’s an honor to breathe new life into old masterpieces with proprietary Holo NFT technology. He highlighted that the painting is not on permanent loan to a museum. Very few people have been able to see the painting.

Leonardo Terzulli, the co-founder and CMO of The Holoverse, said someone can have the painting displaced in their home or office in the physical realm. It will unlock new capabilities for viewing the masterpiece in the digital world. Terzulli said MakersPlace was the right venue to launch such a rare and valuable piece of art.

Craig Palmer, the CEO of MakersPlace, was astounded by the amount of detail the hologram provides. He highlighted that technology creates a whole new experience when it comes to viewing artwork. Palmer said nowhere else can one see such minute details of an Old Master. It can be zoomed in at will to see the texture of the lines and canvas.

It should be noted that the hologram is slightly larger than the original. It boosts the performance and visual impact. The hologram is created by rotation at a very high speed of four blades containing 256 micro LEDs and microprocessors. It uses an algorithm to compose the work in the air. The Holoverse is the first such company to tokenize historical masterpieces with rights.

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