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The world’s first triple IGO has been announced by Binance NFT, CyBall, and GuildFi


CyBall, an NFT-based game with a soccer theme, has just launched its Triple IGO (Initial Game Offering) on the Binance NFT marketplace. It will be hosted on CyBall, GuildFi, and Binance NFT simultaneously. The new collection includes Genesis CyBloc NFT Packs of various rarity levels, which can be redeemed for an in-game asset called Genesis CyBloc.

CyBall has been striving hard for several days now to launch this in association with GuildFi and Binance. This gaming project is one of the first few added to the IGO list of Binance NFT and the first-ever game added to the IGO platform of GuildFi.

As per the announcement, the Triple IGO is available for purchase from November 4, 2021 (1:00 PM UTC) to November 9, 2021 (1:00 PM UTC) or till the time they get sold out. The collection will be sold for a fixed price on a FCFS (First Come First Serve) basis on all three NFT platforms following an instant-sale format.

For example, IGOs are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) from top-level gaming projects that the firm claims are exclusive available on Binance. According to the team, these assets can launch via mystery boxes, fixed price, or auction.

It was only recently that Binance launched the IGO concept to introduce a promising game in the market. With the revolutionizing NFT gaming trends catching up, CyBall is sure that IGOs will become the new standard in the industry to launch excellent games to the vast public audience. NFT enthusiasts, community gamers, as well as gamers are expected to show interest in this game.

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