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World First Wrapped Chain WYZ was Present at the Crypto Expo Dubai

The global economy will inevitably transition to a digital ecosystem. Everything is moving paperless, from investments to money transfers. So let’s agree with the fact that cryptocurrency is the newest and most promising addition to the digital payment market.

A cryptocurrency is a means of payment similar to traditional currencies such as the US dollar but explicitly created for the exchange of digital data. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized mode of payment which makes it difficult to counterfeit. In addition, governments cannot take it away from you because it is not issued by a central authority.

Digital currency has rapidly gained public attention over the last several years. This is one of the primary reasons for an increase in crypto-based events. The latest crypto event took place on 16-17 March, called “Crypto Expo Dubai.” WYZ was present in the world’s leading crypto events.

Why go for WYZ?

WYZ is a fast and scalable open-source innovative contract platform for digital assets and decentralized applications (dApps). They follow three things solely.

Adaptability, Reliability, and Velocity

The WYZ consensus protocol is unmatched in terms of speed, dependability, and adaptability. You can make transactions nearly immediately, and as a matter of fact, the fees are low as well.

You know the best part is that transfers are done in a flash. WYZ transactions take a fraction of a second to complete and cost a fraction of a cent. If this brand was to be put in an easy way, then it is simply trustworthy. WYZ validator nodes constitute a worldwide, trustless, and leaderless Proof-of-Stake network.

WYZ is hugely adaptable. It has the ability to scale to tens of thousands of nodes and process thousands of transactions per second. Moreover, it is highly compatible with DApps One can deploy and run their WYZ dApps on the WYZ chain.

Cryptured Team
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