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XinFin Network gains traction amongst investors, thanks to new protocols and partnerships


The global open-source Blockchain platform, XinFin, recently saw an all-time high in its token prices. This spike in the value of XDC (native tokens issued by XinFin) is attributed majorly to the company’s addition to the TFD (Trade Finance Distribution) Initiative.

Joining the TFD

TFD is a global alliance of credit insurers, trade originators, and institutional funders. The objective of TFD is to bolster transparency and automation in the distribution of risk and the trading of assets. With this move, XinFin now has access to partnerships with the world’s leading service providers and financial institutions. Some big players on the TFD team include ING Bank, AIG, Standard Bank, Texel Group, Santander Asset Management, and the International Chamber of Commerce.

The LedgerMail Email Solution

The release of the world’s first decentralized email service, LedgerMail, took the industry by storm. It is also another good explanation for XinFin’s rise, as LedgerMail operates on the XDC network.

LedgerMail started off on the right note with more than 50k subscribers in the first week of its release. New users also received a gift of 10 XDC for joining the email service. The mission of LedgerMail is to provide high security, encryption, and privacy to its users, so they are protected from email attacks.

Other Partnerships

XinFin also partnered with new projects like, an e-commerce facility that allows users to pay with cryptocurrencies on major e-commerce sites. Another new partner is HAPI, a protocol for cyber-security that prevents hack attempts and increases the security of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) products.


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