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XRP likely to jump to $2.55 by December 2022: Finder’s Report.

Ripple’s native token XRP could jump to $2.55 per unit by December 2022, says a price prediction report by But the price prediction depends on Ripple Labs winning or settling the SEC lawsuit.

Tim Falk and Richard Laycock, the report’s authors, after discussing the XRP token with 36 experts came up with the prediction that it could reach $2.55 by December 2022. The report highlighted that XRP could touch $3.61 by 2025 and $4.98 by 2030. About 23% of the experts believe it’s time to buy Ripple. 45% of the respondents said people should hold onto the token, while 32% said people should sell it.

The majority of forecasts are dependent on whether or not Ripple Labs either wins or settles the case with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The respondents said that if Ripple loses the case, then XRP may trade at $0.68 per unit by December 2022. Carol Alexander, a Professor of Finance at the University of Sussex, highlighted that if Ripple wins the lawsuit, the native token could reach $2.50. But if it loses, XRP will touch $0.50. Alexander believes that if Ripple wins the case, it could go on to replace the SWIFT system.

Matthew Harry, the head of funds at Digital Asset Management, pointed out that XRP is worthless for anything other than speculation. He said the underlying technology is great but the token itself does not have a use. It just attracts speculators because it’s cheap and is an easily digestible value prop.

But Finder’s report outlined XRP’s price in the long term. Daniel Polotsky, the founder and chairman of Coinflip, says XRP will be worth $0.90 per unit even if it wins the lawsuit. He pointed out that the token does not offer anything proprietary compared to the other cryptocurrencies. Polotsky believes the project has a lot of inflated interest because retail investors ignore its market cap.

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