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YGG reaches milestone marking new record in P2E space

Yield Guild Games (YGG) has achieved a milestone by recording 20,700 unique scholars in February. The popular play-to-earn space has seen an increase of 8,500% since February of 2021 when it was just 241. This is a new record for YGG.

Colin Goltra, the Global Chief Operating Officer at YGG, described this as the first of the many milestones for the gaming platform. He revealed that they have enhanced the organizational investment in their Game Ops function. This is an essential bridge between the gamers it partners with and its community of guild members.

In February, YGG reported that scholars farmed more than 26.4 million SLP – the native token for Axie Infinity. 26.4 million represents a 57% increase from January’s figures. The platform highlighted that over 18 million SLP was received by scholars, of which 20% went to the scholarship manager and 10% to the platform.

YGG noted a sustained demand for scholarships. It said that the P2E scholarships allow new players to borrow a team of Axie NFTs from the platform. The in-game earnings are split between the players, the YGG DAO, and the community manager. The platform has launched similar incentives for its soccer-themed cyberpunk P2E game CyBall.

Overall, the YGG is a decentralized community of play-to-earn gamers. A localized entity YGG Pilipinas is dedicated to gamers in the Philippines. There are also YGG subDAOs in India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Brazil. The subDAOs operate across several games investing in yield-generating in-game NFTs.

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