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Your bitcoin was packed? Costa Rican BTC vacations are fiat-free.


An enthusiast of bitcoin who was vacationing showed that for travelers, bitcoin could soon become essential. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Soon, it could be used by more holiday makers. A bitcoin maximalist based in Costa Rica used just BTC to pay for his holiday. He only had bitcoin in his pocket when he went for his weekend long vacation in beautiful Costa Rica.

Vacationing Using Bitcoin

Uvita, Ojochal and Dominical are three towns in Costa Rica that are friendly towards cryptocurrency. They have created a beach project that is inspired by cryptocurrency they are also merchants who are friendly to cryptocurrency. Eugenio, who was visiting Costa Rica, documented the entire holiday on his Twitter. He revealed that the only fiat that he found himself using was to fill his car’s tank before he left for his vacation.

He explained that he wanted to support the adoption of bitcoin. He also said that he wanted to show people that it was possible for anyone to adopt bitcoin. He said that he was able to pay for a gelato for his little sister, using cryptocurrency. He could also pay for coffee, pizzas and even kombucha with bitcoin.

It’s been reported that merchants will ask people whether they want to pay on-chain or using Lightning. It takes around ten minutes in average to confirm a payment that is on-chain. Payments made through Lightning on the other hand, are instantaneous. The Lightning Network is becoming more and more people, with it being adopted in places across the world.

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