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Your Gateway to the Baby Vengers Multiverse, Matic Verse, Was Present at the CED2021

As per the official disclosure of information by Matic Verse, it is going to be your gateway to the Baby Vengers multiverse as the team behind Matic Verse is committed to adding utility and use cases to their token. In addition to this, the team is dedicated to providing their holders with rewards through airdrops.

Well, it is your chance to conquer the Baby Vengers Universe while acquiring rewards in the form of $Matic just for holding the token.

Talking about the achievements of Baby Vengers so far, it should be noted that they have attained a market capitalization of $8 million which now stands at around 80 times from the original market cap. Since its inception, over 600,000 Matic tokens have already been distributed to its holders.

The team behind Matic Verse shares a common belief that the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), have the potential to unlock the mass adoption of crypto assets. It is said that the team has already witnessed the surge in the popularity of NFTs and how popular cultures have been getting involved in the NFT industry.

Everything You Need to Know About the BABYVENGERS Game

Discussing the first phase of the BABYVENGERS game, it is going to be a Baby Vengers Player Vs Environment battle card game. It has been revealed that they will be having 18 distinct superheroes and by using them, they will be having a variety of traits and rarities that can be discovered by minting the NFT crystals.

Moving ahead with the second phase, it will be introducing the Player Vs Player combat mode where users will be able to fight their characters against each other.

The third phase of the game will be marking the introduction of a free-roaming RPG game where users will be capable to roam through the Baby Vengers multiverse while completing quests.

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