Monday, July 22, 2024

YouTuber tests Bitcoin application cases in a variety of countries, from tuk tuks to COVID tests.

As crypto becomes more mainstream than ever, a Youtube video tested how well it is used by the people. He wants to travel to 40 countries and get by just by using cryptocurrencies in all these countries.

The YouTuber called “Paco De La India” said that the Omicron wave has disturbed his plans but was still surprised at how many people accepted crypto. He sold all his belongings in September and has been living on donations since then.

He has already gone through UAE, Cambodia, and Thailand and is currently in India. The original plan was to visit each country for at least 10 days before going to the other. But Covid-19 has put a wrench in the plans.

He has been going through the mandatory quarantine requirement and getting the PCR tests done. He said that people who were administering tests to him while traveling from UAE to India also accepted Bitcoin as payment.

Paco said that he has never forced his crypto payment methods on anyone and it is sheer luck that so many people are accepting it right now. Most of the people that have been accepting crypto have also been associated with retail.

According to his experience, Thailand as of now is very crypto-friendly and so is Cambodia. He had no problems using it in the UAE too. If you have been planning to get into the crypto game, right now is the best time to do so. After 2022 it might be out of reach for most.

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