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Zenfuse exchange gets on investors’ radar for its extensive portfolio of features


Zenfuse is a crypto exchange that is promoted as a modern trading platform for satisfying the needs of every trader. Through Zenfuse, traders can trade in platforms such as Huobi, Binance, OKex, and FTX. The platform consists of several extensive tools for portfolio management, which cater to both beginners and experienced traders. The tools result in traders saving time and preventing losses. Zenfuse’s features have caught the eye of investors, particularly the panic sell button feature, which enables traders to get stablecoins in exchange for their holdings with just a simple button click.

Individuals who hold Zenfuse’s utility token, $ZEFU, can access several additional features as well, even though the platform is free and open for all. Some of these additional features include payment privileges and lower trading fees. Some of the things included on the Zenfuse roadmap are the creation of widgets by third-party developers and an application marketplace. In the future, this marketplace will allow not just $ZEFU token holders to participate, but stablecoin holders as well.

The platform is still quite young, but the hard work behind the scenes is resulting in rapid improvement in terms of features through gamification. A reward system may be introduced in the months and years to come, which will award $ZEFU token airdrops to users who complete particular achievements.

There is a limited supply of $ZEFU, and the token undergoes periodic burns as well. Both these things contribute to the rapid rise in the platform’s value. The demand for the token is already substantial, and it’s bound to get even bigger soon.

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