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Zogi Labs Launches ZOGI Token on Cronos, BNB Chain and Ethereum.


Zogi Labs, which is renowned for the BEZOGE token, has finally launched its new ZOGI token on Cronos, BNB Chain, and Ethereum. The token is a wrapped version of the primary BEZOGE token optimized for the Zogi Labs decentralized ecosystem.

The newly launched token will be available on Cronos, BNB Chain, and Ethereum which will rapidly boost exposure. ZOGI can be wrapped and moved between chains promptly with very low gas fees using the upcoming Zogi Bridge.

Steve Murray, the CEO of Zogi Labs, said with the launch of the ZOGI token, they are taking their native token BEZOGE to the next level. The platform will allow users to wrap their BEZOGE into ZOGI and bridge it quickly and securely between chains. Murray outlined that ZOGI expands the ecosystem to multiple chains. As such, Zogi Labs expects to see massive growth and exposure. Its dedicated community will have the flexibility to increase the utility of its BEZOGE and ZOGI tokens.

Users within the decentralized application will be able to access all Zogi products in one place – with the Wrapper and Bridge being available first. BEZOGE holders can wrap their tokens into ZOGI at a 1:1 billion ratio. The new token can be bridged to one of the new chains via the fast and secure Zogi Bridge which was developed in-house. It gives ZOGI holders control over the bridging process, maximizes security and transparency with every transaction, and lets customers bridge between chains with ease and comfort in a single click.

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