Friday, December 8, 2023

The project is a play-to-earn game. Zuki Moba has completed a $1.4 million financing round.

The concept of gamification to improve something or make it alluring isn’t new. However, when applied to crypto, it becomes something else entirely. Zuki Moba has come up with a concept that combines the latest technologies to enhance a gamer’s experience as much as possible. With this concept, the future of gaming can be radically changed.

What exactly is this concept?

Zuki Moba’s startup combines NFTs, blockchain, metaverse, and ML to make something completely new. Merge these concepts with the cutting-edge hardware that is available in the market today, such as VR and AR, and you’ve got yourself another reality. A reality that is perhaps even more real and enjoyable than our own.

Why does it matter to Crypto enthusiasts?

The thing to be noted here is that players can actually earn in this game. It has been assumed that players will have to create their own avatars, and they will interact in a metaverse. The term ‘metaverse’ has also come into action since Facebook has completely rebranded itself, and Microsoft has also started discussing the term. The game will be play-to-earn, so there can be investment opportunities. Moreover, the gaming industry is one that has still not been tapped into properly. A lot of capital can still be generated from the gaming industry, and Zuki Moba is just opening a door. It is certain that many crypto enthusiasts and experts will venture into the gaming sector to combine the two spheres. Moreover, the use of gaming currencies is already in fashion in gaming since time immemorial. So, crypto and gaming are not that different, if one thinks about it

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